Branch Offices



The Finance & Accounting functions at each Ordnance Factory are being discharged by a dedicated Branch Accounts Office co-located with each Ordnance Factory. The Factory Accounts Offices are making payments, maintaining Financial and Cost Accounts and render financial advice to General Managers of Ordnance Factories.  They are divided into 9 groups based on their geographic locations all over India.The Branch Accounts Office performs these functions in an integrated manner well suited to the needs of a production organization. Broadly, the functions are:

i)  Payment – payment of pay & allowances, personal claims, GPF maintenance and payments to suppliers. 

ii)   Finance - vetting the provisioning and procurement proposals, participations in TPCs, vetting of supply orders / contracts and post-contracts amendments and issues.

iii)  Accounting – compilation of financial and cost accounts including accounting of all expenditure, booking of issues to indentors, inventory accounting, pricing of estimates, production review through quarterly financial report (QFR) and cost analysis. 

iv) Budgeting – participation in budget formulation from shop level to OFB level, pricing of products, monitoring through periodical review of expenditure and issues.

In performance of the above functions, the Officer-In charge of Branch Accounts Office works as a dedicated Integrated Financial Advisor to the Sr. GMs/GMs of the Factory concerned and is fully empowered to take decisions at his level. The participation in and matters related to TPCs are regulated in accordance with the TPC structure as laid down in orders issued by the OFB.

The working of Branch Accounts Offices is supervised by the respective Group CF&As on the principle of dual accountability of finance functionaries to the management/executive on the one hand and the higher finance echelons on the other hand. Such dual accountability is an intrinsic part of the IFA scheme of the Ministry of Finance as prevailing in Ministries/Departments.

The Group CF&As exercise administrative and functional supervision over the working of the Branch Accounts Offices and provide a crucial ground level interface between the Factory and the Branch Accounts Office; the PCA (Fys) Kolkata and the Branch Accounts Office; as well as the Member (Finance) OFB and the Branch Accounts Office. The roles entrusted to the Branch Accounts Offices are multifarious.

The Group CF&As through participation in TPCs advise the General Managers on important and high value procurement cases. For matters other than TPCs the role of Group CF&As  is essentially that of supervision and monitoring through periodical reports and returns and inspections. The CF&A also gives clarifications in consultation with PCA (Fys)/Member (Finance)/CGDA, if required, in cases of doubts and differences between the Factory Management and the Br. AO. The Group CF&A also plays an important coordinating role so as to ensure uniform application/interpretation of rules of the various Branch AOs under his group charge. The Br. Accounts Office as mandated for specialized functions, functional guidelines for its working logically flows from the Group CF&As

There are at present 40  Br. AOs  grouped geographically under 9 Controllers of Finance & Accounts (CF&As). The Group CF&As are administratively and functionally under the Member (Finance) through PCA (Fys). The location of the Group CF&As is given in the table below:

Sl No.

Location of CFA

Group Charge

Factories under
 Group charge


HVF Avadi

Avadi Group

HVF Avadi, OF Trichy, CF Aruvankadu, HAPP Trichy, OCF Avadi, EF Avadi


RF Ishapore

Bengal Group

RF Ishapore, MSF Ishapore, GSF Cossipore, OF Dumdum


AF Kirkee

Kirkee Group

AF Kirkee, HEF Kirkee, OF Ambarnath, OF Dehuroad, MTPF Ambarnath


OF Ambajhari

Ambajhari Group

OF Ambajhari, OF Chanda, OF Bhusawal, OF Bhandara, OF Varangaon


OEF  Kanpur

Kanpur Group

OF Kanpur, OCF Shahjahanpur, OPF Kanpur, OEF Hazratpur, SAF Kanpur, OEF Kanpur, FG Kanpur


VF Jabalpur

Jabalpur Group

VF Jabalpur, GIF Jabalpur, GCF Jabalpur, OF Itarsi, OF Khamaria,    OF Katni


OLF Dehradun

Dehradun Group

OLF Dehradun, OF Dehradun, OCF Chandigarh, OF Muradnagar


BMP Medak


OFP Medak




OF Bolangir