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Mission Statement

We Strive to achieve excellence and professionalism in accounting and financial services and in performing audit functions.

Quality Policy

The Defence Accounts Department is committed to render efficient, correct and prompt accounting, payment and financial services leading to customer satisfaction. It is also committed to render efficient audit services to ensure public accountability.

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MACP Part II Office Order


Part II O.O. No.1275 dated 14.09.2018            Part II O.O. No.1282 dated 17.09.2018               Part II O.O. No.1291 dated 18.09.2018

Part II O.O. No.1292 dated 18.09.2018            Part II O.O. No.1293 dated 18.09.2018               Part II O.O. No.1294 dated 18.09.2018

Part II O.O. No.1295 dated 19.09.2018            Part II O.O. No.1299 dated 19.09.2018               Part II O.O. No.1309 dated 20.09.2018

Part II O.O. No.1310 dated 20.09.2018            Part II O.O. No.1258 dated 13.09.2018               Part II O.O. No.1323 dated 25.09.2018

Part II O.O. No.1324 dated 25.09.2018            Part II O.O. No.1344 dated 28.09.2018               Part II O.O. No.1354 dated 28.09.2018

Part II O.O. No.1384 dated 05.10.2018            Part II O.O. No.1385 dated 05.10.2018               Part II O.O. No.1367 dated 03.10.2018

Part II O.O. No.1466 dated 17.10.2018            Part II O.O. No.1467 dated 22.10.2018               Part II O.O. No.1492 dated 24.10.2018

Part II O.O. No.1507 dated 29.10.2018            Part II O.O. No.1526 dated 30.10.2018               Part II O.O. No.1527 dated 30.10.2018

Part II O.O. No.1528 dated 30.10.2018            Part II O.O. No.1529 dated 30.10.2018               Part II O.O. No.1531 dated 30.10.2018

Part II O.O. No.1532 dated 30.10.2018            Part II O.O. No.1530 dated 30.10.2018               Part II O.O. No.1550 dated 02.11.2018

Part II O.O. No.1551 dated 02.11.2018            Part II O.O. No.1565 dated 06.11.2018               Part II O.O. No.1566 dated 06.11.2018

Part II O.O. No.1567 dated 06.11.2018            Part II O.O. No.1568 dated 06.11.2018               Part II O.O. No.1572 dated 06.11.2018

Part II O.O. No.1577 dated 06.11.2018            Part II O.O. No.1630 dated 13.11.2018               Part II O.O. No.1631 dated 14.11.2018

Part II O.O. No.1684 dated 20.11.2018            Part II O.O. No.1744 dated 30.11.2018               Part II O.O. No.1758 dated 03.12.2018

Part II O.O. No.1825 dated 11.12.2018

Source: Principal Controller of Accounts (Ordnance Factories), Kolkata , Last Updated on 18-12-2018