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Mission Statement

We Strive to achieve excellence and professionalism in accounting and financial services and in performing audit functions.

Quality Policy

The Defence Accounts Department is committed to render efficient, correct and prompt accounting, payment and financial services leading to customer satisfaction. It is also committed to render efficient audit services to ensure public accountability.

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Deputation order


1. Shri Rakesh Kumar, IDAS, DCFA (Fys) has been deputed to United Nations Mission in Golan Heights (UNDOF).

2. Shri Avra Ghosh, IDAS, Addl C of A (Fys) has been deputed to OFB Kolkata

3. Shri G K Basu, IDAS has been deputed to OFB Kolkata

4. The period of deputation of  Shri Satya Brata Ghosh, IDAS, Assistant Finance Adviser(Fys) serving in OFB, Kolkata has been extended for a further period of one year from 03.08.2012 to 31.07.2013 (i.e., fourth year) as “Assistant Finance Adviser(Fys)”,

5. Consequent on reversion from deputation from University of Delhi and having been relieved duties on 28/02/2013 (AN), Shri P.C. Dwibedi, SAO/ 8327226 has reported for duty at AO. GCF. Jabalpur on 04/03/2013 (FN).

6. Shri Ande Poshtey, IDAS, JCFA has been deputed to Addl DG CRPF Hyderabad.

7. Shri Binay Choudhury, IDAS has been deputed to OFB Kolkata.

8. Smt V Yogitha, IDAS, JCFA has been deputed to OFB Kolkata.

9. Shri Roopwant Soni, IDAS, JCFA has been deputed to OFB KOlkata

Source: Principal Controller of Accounts (Ordnance Factories), Kolkata , Last Updated on 16-10-2017