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Mission Statement

We Strive to achieve excellence and professionalism in accounting and financial services and in performing audit functions.

Quality Policy

The Defence Accounts Department is committed to render efficient, correct and prompt accounting, payment and financial services leading to customer satisfaction. It is also committed to render efficient audit services to ensure public accountability.

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Controller JGF


                                       CONTROLLER OF FINANCE & ACCOUNTS (ORDNANCE FACTORIES)

                                               MINISTRY OF DEFENCE, GOVERNMENT OF INDIA  

                                                                 JABALPUR GROUP OF FACTORIES

                                ACCOUNTS OFFICE, VEHICLE FACTORY, JABALPUR-482009

                                                               E-mail : cfa-veh-jab.cgda@nic.in



The Controller of Finance & Accounts (Fys), Jabalpur is a prestigious organisation Under Defence Account Department, Ministry of Defence Govt. of India. CFA(Fys), Jabalpur is Primarily responsible for Audit, Payment ,Accounting & Financial advice to Ordnance Factories with the state of Madhya Pradesh. CFA (Fys) has six Ordnance factories under its jurisdiction .It came into existance in the year 1986.Earlier it was controller of Accounts(Fys) which was redesignated as The Controller of Finance & Accounts (Fys), Jabalpur on 15-07-1994. The headquarters office of the organization is CGDA located in New Delhi and Main Office is PCA(Fys) located in kolkata.



1. Shri S.K.Choudhary, IDAS 22/07/1986 31/08/1987
2. Shri M.Kumarswamy, IDAS 20/11/1987 06/11/1991
3. Shri T.C.Joshi, IDAS 02/06/1992 16/07/1993
4. Shri G.P.Mohanty, IDAS 16/07/1993 14/07/1994
5. Shri G.P.Mohanty, IDAS 15/07/1994 01/12/1995
6. Shri Nand kishore, IDAS 01/12/1995 04/07/1997
7. Shri R.K.Singhal, IDAS 05/08/1997 09/04/2001
8. Shri Sunil Kumar Kohli, IDAS 09/04/2001 01/01/2002
9. Shri Y.S.Negi, IDAS 23-08-2002 03/01/2004
10. Shri Umang Mohan, IDAS 06/02/2004 13/04/2004
11. Smt Sanhita Kar, IDAS 10/06/2005 09/04/2007
12. Shri Mohinder Singh, IDAS 09/04/2007 06/05/2010
13. Shri Vinod Kumar Vijay, IDAS 01/06/2010 28/05/2013
14. Shri Harsh Vaidya, IDAS 27/08/2013 29/07/2016
15. Shri S.K. Choudhary, IDAS 29/11/2016 02/03/2020
16. Shri U.S.P. KUSHWAHA, IDAS 02/03/2020 Till Date


Shri U.S.P. Kushwaha, IDAS CFA (FYS) CFA (Fys)  Vehicle Factory Jabalpur 0761 2792566 cfa-veh-jab.cgda@nic.in
Shri Utkarsh Mishra, IDAS DCFA (FYS) AO OF Katni   aoordkat-mp@nic.in
Shri Durga Lal Meena, IDAS DCFA (FYS) Vehicle Factory Jabalpur   cfa-veh-jab.cgda@nic.in
Shri Sandeep Kumar Yadav, IDAS DCFA (FYS) Accounts Office GCF Jabalpur   aogcfjab-mp@gov.in
Shri A.K. Tayal, IDAS ACFA (FYS) AO OF Itarsi   aoofitahos-mp@gov.in
Shri Achhe Lal, IDAS ACFA (FYS) AO GIF Jabalpur   cfa-veh-jab.cgda@nic.in
Shri M.K. Chouksey SAO (FYS) AO VF Jabalpur 0761 2792589 cfa-veh-jab.cgda@nic.in
Shri Alexander J. SAO (FYS) AO VF Jabalpur 0761 2792576 cfa-veh-jab.cgda@nic.in
Shri Sanjay Apte SAO (FYS) AO VF Jabalpur 0761 2792575 cfa-veh-jab.cgda@nic.in
Shri S. K. Mudgal SAO (FYS) AO OF Khamaria 0761 2743804 aoofkhajab-mp@gov.in
Shri Avinash Jingram SAO (FYS) AO OF Khamaria 0761 2743805 aoofkhajab-mp@gov.in
Shri S M Farooq SAO (FYS) AO GCF Jabalpur 0761 2712632 aogcfjab-mp@gov.in
Shri A.K. Gon SAO (FYS) AO GCF Jabalpur 0761 2712631 aogcfjab-mp@gov.in
Shri Rajesh Kumar AO (FYS) AO GCF Jabalpur 0761 2712634 aogcfjab-mp@gov.in
Shri R.B. Singh SAO (FYS) AO OF Katni 07622 222235 aoordkat-mp@nic.in
Shri P.K. Sahare SAO (FYS) AO OF Katni 07572 232151 aoordkat-mp@nic.in
Ms. Himashree Ghosh SAO (FYS) AO VF Jabalpur   cfa-veh-jab.cgda@nic.in
Shri Pankaj Kulkarni AO (FYS) AO GCF Jabalpur   aogcfjab-mp@gov.in
Source: Principal Controller of Accounts (Ordnance Factories), Kolkata , Last Updated on 03-08-2020