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Mission Statement

We Strive to achieve excellence and professionalism in accounting and financial services and in performing audit functions.

Quality Policy

The Defence Accounts Department is committed to render efficient, correct and prompt accounting, payment and financial services leading to customer satisfaction. It is also committed to render efficient audit services to ensure public accountability.

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Functions of the Sections



Function consists of scrutiny, compilation and publication of Annual Accounts of the Ordnance etc. Fys. in accordance with the accounting procedure
ACCOUNTS This section is responsible for provide financial information to executive authorities and also renders timely and accurate figures to Govt for preparation of financial accounts of the Defence Services.
AN This section deals with all administrative matters relating to DAD employees.
AN-PAY This section is responsible for audit and payment of all pay and allowances and personal claims.
AN-IC (O&M) This section is responsible for conducting inspection in the Br. Accounts Offices and formulates organizational methodology to be followed in the office.
DISBURSEMENT (D) This section is responsible for preparation of cheques in payment of various claims.
EDP This section is entrusted with the task of in house development of Software Application and data processing job.
FA This section renders financial advise to OFB on all matters having financially implications.
FUND This section deals with all matters relating to General Provident Fund (Defence Services), Contributory Provident Fund.
HINDI CELL This section monitors the work done in Hindi in the office.
INTERNAL AUDIT This section examines and circulates the government letters and carries out periodical audit of cash accounts. The audit of the accounts of Hqrs of OFB is also conducted by this section. Preparation of Annual Audit Certificate & Major Financial & Accounting Irregularities.
M Deals with contractors' bills received from OFB Hqr.
MEDICAL (NON DAD) This section is concerned with Audit & Payment of the reimbursement of medical claims pertaining to Non DAD employees.
NPS This section was formed to deal with matters relating to New Pension Scheme introduced with effect from 01.01.2004. Data relating to recovery of contribution on account of NPS are received by this section from the Br. AOs. and AN Pay section of Main Office and compiled centrally and sent to Central Authority.
PAY This section is responsible for audit and payment of Pay & Allowances in respect of OFB Hqrs. & Allied estt.
PAY (O) This section is responsible for audit and payment of Pay & Allowances in respect of officers of OFB Hqrs. & Allied estt.
PAY TECH This section deals with all decision cases relating to Pay & Allowances of IEs & NIEs.
PR Deals with the production activities, and clarifies all principles relating to Cost Accounts. Issues clarification on all problems arising out of the practical application of the provision of the Rules and Regulation relating to Cost Accounting.
RAILWAY SECTION The Section is divided into following sub sections: (i) Rail G:- General administration. (ii) Rail CRD:- Fixation of Flat Rates, co-ordination (i.e. liaison between different sub-sections ) and settlement of Test Audit objections. (iii) Rail Claims:- Claims for cash refund of cost of warrants etc. (iv) Rail Accounts:- Classification of Rly warrants, credit notes, concession vouchers & booking of expenditure. (v) Rail Audit:- Audit of Rly warrants, , credit notes, concession vouchers. (vi) Rail M:- Coal Bills, telegraph Bills & miscellaneous payments i.e. hire and haulage charges, conversion and re-conversion charges etc.
RECORD This section is concerned with receipt and dispatch of incoming and outgoing communications.
STORES This Section deals with Invoices and Packing Accounts of imported stores, Custom Duty Charges, Payment issue of Stores Leases, agreements or contracts relating to the occupation, Controversial points referred to the Main Office by the Branch Accounts Offices, Audit of Supply order placed on foreign firms and opening of Letter of Credits.
TRANSPORTATION (T) This section is responsible for audit and payment of TA, DA, LTC claims in respect of OFB HQrs. and Factories.
Source: Principal Controller of Accounts (Ordnance Factories), Kolkata , Last Updated on 03-08-2020