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Mission Statement

We Strive to achieve excellence and professionalism in accounting and financial services and in performing audit functions.

Quality Policy

The Defence Accounts Department is committed to render efficient, correct and prompt accounting, payment and financial services leading to customer satisfaction. It is also committed to render efficient audit services to ensure public accountability.

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Section 4(1)(b)(xvi) of the RTI Act, 05 List of CPIOs under PCA(Fys), Kolkata

Name of Office/Field Offices with Address
Name(s) of CPIOs Shri/Smt.
TelephoneFaxAppellate AuthorityTelephoneFax
1 Office of the PCA (Fys), Ayudh Bhawan,10A, S.K. Bose Road, Kolkata – 700001 Shri Praveen Ranjan, IDAS, JCA(Fys) 033-2248 1649 033-2248 0991 Shri C Zothankhuma, IDAS, Controller of Accounts(Fys) 033-29740303 033-22480991
Shri MSV Mathur, IDAS, ACA(Fys) 033-22487906 033-22480991
2 RTC KOLKATA            
3 Office of the CFA (Fys), Ambajhari Shri Chandra Prakash, IDAS, DCFA(Fys) 07104-246715 07104-246189 Shri Vivek B. Umap, IDAS, CFA(Fys) 07104-246350 07104-246189
Shri Rakesh Kumar, IDAS, DCFA(Fys), AO OF CHANDA 07175-254931 07175-254031
Shri A.T. Walke, IDAS, ACFA(Fys), AO OF BHANDARA 07184-277737/275740 07184-275350
Shri T. Rama Murthy, IDAS, ACFA(Fys), AO OF VARANGAON 02582-277819 02582-277810
Shri N.D. Kulkarni, IDAS, AO OF BHUSAWAL 02582-229688 02582-228533
4 Office of the CFA (Fys), H.V.F., Avadi, Chennai – 600 054 Shri S. Murali Krishnan, IDAS Addl. CFA(Fys.) 044-2684 0495,2684 3400 044-2684 0527 Shri A. Ramaiah, IDAS, Controller of Finance and Accounts (FYS) 044-2684 0792,2684 3006 044-2684 0527
5 Office of the CFA (Fys), AO, Ordnance Factory Project, Badmal PO,Saintala, Bolangir-767770 Shri Sanjay Kumar, IDAS, JCFA(Fys) 06655-250265 250265 Principal Controller of Accounts (FYS) 033-22486946 033-22482179
6 Office of the CFA (Fys),Dehradun Shri Satya Pal, IDAS, Dy. CFA (Fys) 0135-2789484 0135-2787093

Dr.Jayaraj Naik,IDAS,Addl. CFA(Fys),AO, OLF, Dehradun

0135-2781545 0135-2787093
7 Office of the CFA (Fys), Jabalpur Group of Factories, Accounts Office,Vehical Factory, Jabalpur-482009 Shri Vijay Sharma, IDAS, ACFA(Fys), AO VF JABALPUR 0761-2330001 0761-2330974 Shri Sanjay Kumar Choudhary,IDAS, CFA(Fys), Jabalpur 0761-2792566 0761-2330974
Shri Swapnil Agarwal, IDAS, Dy. CFA(Fys), AO GCF JABALPUR 0761-2712472 0761-2330645
Shri Pushkraj Bharti, IDAS, Dy. CFA(Fys),AO OF KHAMARIA 0761-2743801 0761-2337852
Shri Vijay Sharma, IDAS, ACFA(Fys), AO GIF JABALPUR 0761-2330448 0761-2331609
Shri Swapnil Agarwal, IDAS, Dy. CFA(Fys),AO OF KATNI 07622-227874 07622-227879
8 Office of the CFA (Fys), Kanpur Group of Factories, OEF Group HQrs Complex, GT Road, Kanpur – 208 013 Shri Tabish Shams, Dy. CFA(Fys) 0512-2333350 0512-2362435 Shri Pramod Kumar,IDAS, CFA(Fys), Kanpur 0512-2400112 0512-2453305
9 Office of the CFA (Fys), Kirkee Group of Factories,AO, AF Kirkee, Pune – 411 003 Smt Usha Menon (NODAL PUBLIC GRIEVANCE OFFICER) 020-25818240 020-25812727 Shri A.K. Tiwari, IDAS, Controller of Finance and Accounts (FYS) 020-25815997 020-25812727
10 Office of the CFA (Fys), AO, Ordnance Factory, Eddumailaram, Medak – 502 205 Shri A Radhakrishna, Sr AO 040-23283818,
040-23292960 Shri K. Venkata Rao,IDAS,Controller of Finance and Accounts (FYS) 040-23283810 040-23292960
Source: Principal Controller of Accounts (Ordnance Factories), Kolkata , Last Updated on 22-05-2020